Providing attractive, low-maintenance siding options for residential real estate.

What You Can Expect

Throughout the Tennessee and North Georgia market, it’s common to see many homes incorporating a mix of siding and brick on the facade. Whether you’re starting a new construction project, considering a face lift for your home’s exterior or need to fully replace your existing siding, we have a siding option to fit your needs.

We’ll walk you through the different siding materials to choose from, including the ones that’ll stand the test of time, reduce maintenance costs and lower your contributions to the local landfill.


Fibered-Cement Siding

If you're looking to "set it and forget it" then fiber-cement siding is your best option. Ideally suited for hot, humid regions like Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia, this material is known for its durability. It can often outlast its competitors by decades due to its strong resistance to common hazards like fire, wind, insects and rain.

Fibered-Cemented siding begins with a standard prime color that can be painted after the installation is complete.

vinyl siding

Vinyl Siding

If low maintenance siding is what you're after, then vinyl is the perfect solution for your home. Since it resists pests such as termites and blights such as rot, it will keep its original qualities for many years, giving you the longest return on your financial investment.

Vinyl siding comes in a multitude of colors to fit any taste. Swatch books are available for your review before commencing on the project.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is the most classic and eco-friendly option on the market and an ideal solution for traditionalists and rustic homes. It's made from cedar wood and available in the following styles: hand-cut shakes, machine-cut shingles, solid wood, and clapboard.

Due to its porous nature, wood siding is sealed to repel moisture and pests and can be stained or painted to your personal preference. Average lifetime ranges from 20 to 40 years depending on the amount of maintenance given to the roof.


Schedule An Inspection

Every project starts with a complimentary inspection to assess the property so we can recommend the right solution for your specific situation.