Applying a craftsman's eye to an tradesman's project.

What You Can Expect

While painting a room is often the finishing touch on a new or renovated home or office, there’s more to consider than just the right color. We’ll guide you in the process of choosing the right level of sheen for the material being painted, educating you on how we’ll provide the optimal surface conditions for the paint to be applied smoothly, and offer our assurance of a smooth finish without damage or splatter on other areas of the property.

With more than 30 years of experience in residential and commercial construction, we’re more than just painters. We’re craftsman who understand every level of the construction and renovation process, which allows us to look beyond the surface of a wall to be painted, ensuring an optimal finish for long-lasting results.


Step 1: Evaluating the Site

Our team will come to your property to take a thorough inspection of the areas to be painted, whether they be indoor or out, and take stock of any holes to patch, surfaces to sand and prep, or other pre-painting tasks that’ll ensure the final result is the exact look you want.

Step 2: Selecting Your Paint Colors

Deciding between the various shades of yellow, blue or grey will be your choice, but we’ll guide you in choosing the correct sheen level for the surface that’s being painted. Selecting the appropriate sheen for the exterior, trim, doors and walls is key to achieving an optimal final look for your home or office.

Step 3: Booking the Project Dates

We’ve evaluated and documented the prep work needed to the surfaces we’ll be painting, which varies between new construction and renovations, and you’ve chosen your paint colors & sheens. Now we’ll present you with an estimated timeline for your project and book the dates for us to complete the work.

Step 4: Pre-Painting Documentation

No prep work is needed from you! We’ll handle moving anything necessary and photographing the space prior to beginning to ensure any photos or furniture we move are returned to their exact locations.

Step 5: Prepping the Surface

From patching holes to sanding doors, baseboards, trim or walls, we’ll handle any light construction work needed to provide the best surface for the paint to be applied to for long-lasting results.

Step 6: Paint!

Once the spots are prepped and any existing hardware and surrounding surfaces protected from splatter, we get to work!

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Once the paint is dry, we’ll return any photos or art to its home on the walls and furniture back to its proper place. Then you get to enjoy your newly painted home, office or retail space!

Schedule An Inspection

Every project starts with a complimentary inspection to assess the property so we can recommend the right solution for your specific situation.